It's all about the pleasure of riding around; exploring and comfortness. Here's for you who wants to spend days and holidays with little off-roads, climbs, and descents. So, cheers for life full of the joy of spring!

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The way to mountains starts here
T8 | T7 | T7E | T6E
Tackle any steep climbs and confident on any technical descents.
DSE | D7 | D6 | D5
Perfect for riders to tackle XC riding with some aggression.
C5 | C3 | C2
Devoted for pro cross-country racers to trail seekers
7 | 6 | 5
Born to cross singletracks and endless miles.
5 | 4
The way to mountains starts here
4 | 3 | 2
The way to mountains starts here
X7 | X5 | X2
Designed best for any urban terrains and light off-road.
X5 | X4
​The mixture of urban bike and gravel bike has never been so rightfully deserved by a bike

Polygon history

Our journey began with our manufacturer PT Insera Sena in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, where we started out as a smaller Indonesian business. As one of the few global bike brands that owns our manufacturing facilities, we are able to engineer processes and maintain quality across all aspects of the manufacturing process since 1989 – from hand-welded frames and painting lines to our assembling facilities. 

However, we are more than just a bicycle brand and a manufacturer. We believe that cycling can transform lives, helping some to live a life they can be truly proud of, others to find their passion in technology, and some to discover their love for craftsmanship. So, we cast off rulebooks, head off the beaten path, and define our own. 

From a 6-hectare “kitchen” and a group of riders, we combine craftsmanship, knowledge, and technology to build close to a million bikes per year, which are owned by millions of people worldwide. We’re proud to be a part of the cycling community and committed to continuing to innovate and inspire.